Administrative Law

Lawyers specialized in Administrative Law in Marbella

Marbella offers great investment opportunities in a lot of commercial areas: from the tourism, real estate, rental sector and many more. However, it is necessary to know the Administrative Law that governs the operations in the city and the national laws to be aware of all its implications.

Urban planning regulations

The investment in the real estate sector of Marbella needs for its success and speed to be aware about everything related with the regulation at national and municipal level which affects the construction in the area and its appropriate use.

Therefore, an administrative lawyer in Marbella is a necessity rather than an option, since they handle all the operations adapted to the particular movement of the area in the administrative, judicial and bureaucratic sphere in general.

An administrative attorney from alaw firm in Marbella will have the support of experience and other specialized professionals who will know how to supply their clients with each and every one of the particularities and requirements that they must meet.

All this, focused in the specialties that the highly tourist coastal areas tend to have, which are:

  • Taxes
  • Style, looks and size of the buildings
  • infrastructure
  • Organization
  • Sound requirements

Taking into account everything that has been commented previously, not having a lawyer in Marbella Spain could imply violating, without knowing it, the regulations and requirements that can bring large and costly consequences for the projects in execution.

It is not necessary to take risks, even more if you have Marbella solicitors with the necessary skills to enforce all the requirements to comply with the rules in a proper way and to establish good relations based on respect and collaboration with the authorities of the area. Don't miss this opportunity and find out all the options available to you about administrative lawyers in Marbella.

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