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If you want to find a lawyer in Marbella, stop looking because our excellent lawyers in Marbella are recognized for being extremely capable and efficient. Our expert lawyers in Marbella Spain are specialized in different legal branches. Some of these are corporate law, administrative law, real estate law and tax law among many other very required legal areas in the commercial world.

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Tax law

Our tax lawyer is dedicated to guide you in all doubts you have in taxes and special contributions, whether national or local taxes.

Corporate law

Our corporate lawyer will advise you about the laws and rules that regulate business and companies so that they are handled in a correct way and are subject to pertinent legal provisions.

Administrative Law

Our administrative lawyers will advise you in everything related to the public entities and to the claims that you make against the unfair rulings of the public administration that affects your interests.

Golden Visas

A golden visa is a quick way to get a permanent residency but is something complicate and expensive if you don’t have the right legal adviser. Our lawyers are dedicated to the processing of this special type of visa helping those clients who want to make a real estate investment to get easily the permanent residence permit and eventually the Spanish citizenship.

Attorneys in Marbella

Lawyers in MarbellaOur solicitors in Marbella will also defend you in court guarding after your interests and always looking for an effective solution to your problems. Our lawyers in Marbella stand out for being the best at defending a case.
Trust in our services because our law firm in Marbella manages the best specialists, covering all the needs of your investment. It does not matter if it is only a legal advice or if it's a real estate purchase agreement, because our experts will give you the best advice to protect your important investment.

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Golden Mile Law Firm Marbella has been the hallmark for quality legal service and professional excellence – marked by its commitment to the objectives of the client. This commitment has allowed it to become one of the most dynamic Law firms in Malaga and Marbella.

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Are you looking for a solicitor in Marbella? Our Law Firm has a high level of specialization in foreign investments in the Spanish Market and also the assistance for obtaining the different kind of Residence Permits existing in Spain like Golden VISA spain. Professional best lawyers in Costa del Sol.

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Our capacity to innovate, our personal assistance to the clients, our deepest knowledge of the Law and understanding our clients’ needs are the pillars where our Law Firm Marbella stands, making us a reference in the area of Costa del Sol in Malaga.

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